Stone road capital


Stone Road Capital Partners is a private investment firm that specializes in the acquisition of private middle-market businesses and partners with corporate leadership to build companies of extraordinary value. We specialize in the acquisition of and investment in private middle market businesses. SRCP leverages over $700 million in completed transactions and 75 years of expertise in structuring investments, operations, finance and management.

Typically we only invest in companies where we have deep domain expertise and can add significant value. We strive to be a true partner and sounding board to management and not a hurdle on the track, we do not take an active day to day role and look to our deep network of operating partners to help drive success in our investments.

We are patient capital and unlike a traditional private equity fund are not constrained by artificial timelines frequently associated with investment funds but rather act when it is right for the company. Our goal is to work with management teams to take industry leading companies and build them into world class organization; that takes time and patience, resulting in significant value for shareholders and management teams.