Stone road capital


SRCP is a simple firm. We are thesis driven investors and don’t get bogged down in complex management structures or ‘check the box’ investment committee meetings.  We follow the K-I-S-S principle by not making simple tasks more complex than they need to be and believe that when smart, driven people are properly resourced and incentivized incredible results will ensue.

We are a true partner to our management teams, brands and employees and seek to build leading organizations that will drive growth and create value alongside employees, shareholders and partners. We aim to be a sounding board to management and invest only where we see a clear opportunity and a path to add value.

We also place a tremendous amount of responsibility on and faith in the management teams we partner with encouraging and expecting them to invest alongside us in our transactions. We are humble enough to know we don’t have all the answers and experienced enough to know how and when to leverage our deep network of contacts to find solutions to complex problems. 

Finally, we are patient capital investors and allow our investment thesis to play out completely before exiting. We never want to be forced to exit an investment based upon fund lifecycle constraints or before our initial perceived opportunity has been fully realized.